laboratorio agroalimentario sevilla

Analysis of oils and fats

Vegetable oils
Margarines and other vegetable and animal fats

Laboratorio para análisis de aceite de oliva

Analysis of contaminants

Pesticide residues
Heavy metals
Fumonisins in corn oil
Dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs
Determination of exogenous and endogenous hydrocarbons

• Degree of acidity
• Spectrophotometry in ultraviolet k232, k270 and DeltaK
• Perioxide rate
• Alkyl esters of fatty acids (methyl and / or ethyl)

• 3,5-Stigmastadienes in mg/kg
• Triglyceride content with ECN42 ΔECN42
• Erythrodiol and uvaol (%)
• Aliphatic alcohols
• Composition of fatty acids
• Sterol constituents and total sterols
• Waxes
• Saturated fatty acids in 2 position

• Percentage of glycerol monopalmitate
• Content in volatile halogenated solvents
• Percentage of trilinolein
• Iodine rate
• Fat yield

• Aerobics and anaerobics
• Salmonella
• Moulds and yeasts
• Listeria monocytogenes
• Lipolytic yeasts

• Hygiene indicators (surface, environment and handling)
• Analysis of drinking waters
• Life span studies
• Analysis of process waters and waste waters

Other analyzes

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