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What do we do in the Department of Phytopathology and Agrobiotechnology?

Pathogen Diagnosis: that can affect agricultural crops (fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes and phytoplasms) using methodologies such as classical microbiology and molecular techniques based on DNA:

  > We work on samples from horticultural crops, berries, herbaceous, fruit, olive, vine, citrus, ornamental, forest and grass.

  > We make the diagnosis in a wide variety of matrices: plant material, soil, foliar, woody material, roots, fruits, substrates, seeds, in-vitro plants and water.

Soil disinfection: We carry out the diagnostic and quantification work of those soil pathogens that affect the different crops (comycetes, fusarium, nematodes).
Varietal fraud: We carry out the varietal identification of various crops (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, paprika, pepper, sunflower, kaki) using molecular markers type SNPs and SSR to ensure the protection of the different protected plant varieties.
DNA sequencing: we carry out sequencing work on fungal and bacterial cultures.
Efficacy test of active materials: we perform efficacy of different active materials and products on various pathogenic fungi that affect agricultural crops.
Diagnostics and reporting prior to the issuance of the phytosanitary passport.
Laboratorio fitopatología

Experience and Excellence


Our laboratory has highly qualified and specialized professionals, Doctors in Biology, Agricultural Engineers and Laboratory Technicians working with the most advanced equipment and technologies to respond to the growing demands of the agricultural sector.

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