Agrama analyzes in Portugal: it continues to expand and improve its commercial assistance network through the opening of AGRAMA PORTUGAL.

Through our commercial and technical network, we strive every day to gain the trust of our customers. This trust is what makes us occupy a prominent place among the main Spanish laboratories. In AGRAMA we are sure and convinced of the quality of our work and we know that our analyzes are useful for agrifood companies around the world to make important decisions.

The growth and evolution of AGRAMA in Portugal were the reasons that the company decided, in October 2014, to open a delegation to act, on a commercial and technical level, covering the entire Portuguese territory. In this way AGRAMA is closer to its customers to meet their needs, be more efficient and ultimately improve our services, always from quality, rigor, effort and commitment to our customers. Agrama analyzes in Portugal.

The activity of AGRAMA PORTUGAL is defined to support the analytical control of all Portuguese agri-food and agricultural companies, both marketers and producers and provide research. The subsidiary covers the commercial and technical assistance needs that our clients need. Looking for quality, committing ourselves to maximum confidentiality and demonstrating our professional independence.